Marriott Bonvoy Targeted Bonus Offers Through March 31, 2023 (Post Yours!)


Marriott Bonvoy’s latest global promotion ended mid-December, but select members are now eligible for targeted offers on stays through February 28  or March 31, 2023.

These latest offers are valid for the month you sign up + an additional two or three. Please post in the comments what you were targeted for, if any.

You can check your Marriott Bonvoy Promotion Central here.

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These targeted offers were adopted into Marriott Bonvoy from SPG, and they took some time off in 2020.

Remember that only paid stays (not awards) count towards these bonus offers. You can combine targeted offers with global and property-specific ones.

Double Points Offer:


There is no rhyme for who is eligible for these targeted bonuses, but I would assume that the most lucrative ones go to members who haven’t stayed with Marriott for a while.

There appear to be offers for double points for all, or weekend stays, and also for double elite qualifying nights.

My account was not eligible for these latest bonus offers.

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