Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays From The LoyaltyLobby Team!


The Christmas Holidays have begun and the LoyaltyLobby team wants to send our best wishes to all readers wherever they might spend their festive season.

Many of our readers, although not all, are celebrating Christmas in the coming days most should celebrate  New Year’s Eve a week from now – hopefully in much better spirits than the last two years.

The LoyaltyLobby team is currently all over the world (as usual), spending the festive holidays with friends and family, finally being able to freely travel to our destinations of choice again.

We wish those of you who also celebrate a Merry Christmas and a few quiet days in the circle of those important to you.

Maybe some will also be traveling, and while flights during Christmas can sometimes be empty (I remembered a Thai Airways flight from Bangkok to Frankfurt with only 56 passengers a few years ago), there are also routes and destinations that are extremely busy.

As many might have noticed, there is awful travel chaos in parts of the U.S. right now, and many might be stuck at some dreadful airport or can’t leave home at all as originally scheduled. If you’re one of the poor souls caught up in this mess, hopefully, you’ll be able to reach your destination safely and remember not to pack anything important in your checked baggage (even better, avoid checking a bag at all).

I’m celebrating Christmas with friends and family in Korea this year, and even though it’s cold, I’m glad we were able to get together without the complications of the past few years.

This year travel has still been slightly restricted and many have experienced personal and economic hardship during the year and this holiday season, yet we won’t lose hope that in the coming months things will take a turn for the better and that all our lives will improve.

As always, safe travels, and in this case, Happy Holidays!


John, Freddo & Sebastian

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