National Extends Emerald Club Tiers Through February 28, 2024


National Car Rental has decided to extend the Emerald Club tier of select, if not all, members by an additional year through February 28, 2024.

The car rental company has extended tiers twice, most recently in October 2021 (read more here).

You can access National Car Rental here.

Email From National:


Not sure if the last paragraph of the email is a signal to Hertz, which has sent many renters to jail for incorrectly reporting them not having returned their rental cars.

It is unclear if they have done a blanket status extension for all Emerald Club members or only for those that have rented from them at least once this year.

National is considered one of the better car rental companies to rent in North America, allowing you to choose the rental car rather than assigning something you may not like.

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