PREVIEW: Shangri-La Circle Members Day Launch June 6, 2022


Shangri-La’s guest loyalty program has gone through a refresh over the past six months, starting with the name change from Golden Circle to just Circle (read more here) to moving entirely dynamic awards (read more here).

Shangri-La also announced a monthly event called Members Day that begins on June 6, 2022, and the program has sent out teaser emails, and we have also received information about some of the packages released.

You can access Shangri-La’s page for Members Day here.

Each Members Days is valid for 48 hours, and Circle members earn 6X points for packages that they book during the period:

Members Day:

Exclusive Offers:

Release From Shangri-La:


It is interesting to see what the pricing of these packages will look like. As is often the case with offers like these, the first batch is likely excellent, but subsequent ones could be all over the map.

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