Qatar Airways Privilege Club Buy Avios 40% Bonus Through November 17, 2022


Qatar Airways Privilege Club movers from Qmiles to Avios ecosystem earlier this year (read more here) and also allows moving miles between QR and BA programs after linking accounts (read more here).

The airline has launched its first-ever buy Avios sale at up to 40% bonus through November 17, 2022, but does it make any sense?

You can access this offer on Qatar’s website here.

Buying the maximum Avios allowed at a 40% bonus:

The price of Avios is 2 US cents each.

You can buy Avios at roughly a bit higher than 1 euro cent through BA buy Avios subscriptions or at 1.2 euro cents each during frequent sales at a 50% bonus.

My Privilege Club account appears to be in the US, while the Executive Club one uses an address in Europe.


I probably should switch the Privilege Club account from the US to Europe to see if a better buy Avios offer is available.

It makes zero sense to purchase at this price when you can buy it considerably cheaper through BA.

Terms and conditions of this offer:

The Promotion provides an eligible member with the opportunity to earn a percentage of the Avios purchased, gifted as an additional complimentary bonus Avios (the “Bonus Avios”) during the promotion period from 00.01 GMT +3 on 13th November 2022 to 23.59 GMT+3 on 17th November 2022. The bonus Avios an eligible member can earn will be based upon the number of Avios purchased (the “Offer”). This offer is available only for transactions made to the Buy Qmiles, Gift Avios store on via the Points Platform only and cannot be applied in combination with another offer that may be available on the Buy or Gift product. Avios bought, gifted through this Offer will count towards the maximum limit of 250,000 Avios allowed in a calendar year.

  • Price includes all applicable fees.
  • Purchased or transferred Avios are not refundable and will be posted within 72 hours.
  • Avios purchased or transferred do not count towards qualification for any increased or improved status in the Privilege Club programme.
  • All standard Privilege Club programme terms and conditions apply.
  • Qatar Airways reserves the right to change the pricing and terms of the Buy, Gift and Transfer option at any time.
  • Members can buy, gift or transfer up to 250,000 Avios per calendar year.
  • To buy or gift, prices start from US$37 and go as low as US$28 for every block of 1,000 Avios.
  • To transfer, prices start from US$15 and go as low as US$13 for every block of 1,000 Avios.
  • The price depends on the number of Avios bought or purchased in a transaction.
  • Members must have earned a minimum of 1,000 Avios since enrolment to purchase additional Avios.
  • Members must have a minimum balance of 1,000 Avios to gift Avios.

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