Reader Email: Bad Experience With Blacklane Transfer


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us an email with an infuriating Blacklane experience where the driver never showed up, the transfer was canceled twice + their credit card was charged for the trip.

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You can access Blacklane here.

Note that we were in touch with Blacklane’s press department to get an idea of what went wrong but didn’t get their response by the publication time.

Email From The Reader:

I would like to inform you about an incident that happened with Blacklane, Airport Transfer Service Worldwide.

I made a booking with them (Booking number REMOVED) on April 27,2022 for a ride within Germany on June 27, 2022.

Unfortunately, on the time of pick-up, the reservation was cancelled without prior notice nor any kind of communication in order to find a replacement for the transfer. It is worth mentioning that I was travelling with my family of 4.

So, I contacted customer care and they booked me another ride under booking number REMOVED.  I waited for almost an hour for the car to arrive until I was informed that the transfer is cancelled again without any alternative transfer.

Due to this situation, I informed customer care that Blacklane should be responsible for ant extra cost resulting from this unprofessional handling of this problem specially that I had no choice but to take two taxis to my final destination with almost double that cost of the transfer because my original booking was for a Business van which was not available by taxis around the area.

To my surprise, on June 29, 2022 my credit card was charged for the cancelled transfer and I contacted Black lane with the following:

Reader’s Email To Blacklane:

I made a booking on April 27, 2022 for a ride in Germany from Hannover to Bispinger for a ride on June 27, 2022.  However, upon my arrival to Hannover Station I was surprised that my reservation disappeared from the APP and I had no choice but to call the service center.  It took them a while to realize that the transfer was canceled without prior notice nor alternative.  That put me in a bad situation because I was relying on Blacklane for this transfer and it was too late to look for alternative specialty that we are a family with children and traveling with 5 suitcases for the summer holidays.  Then I was informed by the customer service agent that another transfer will be arranged within an hour and a new booking was done by hem with a booking number REOVED.  Unfortunately, after waiting for the delayed transfer, the agent called me from a US number to inform me that there are no transfer available and that I have to manage myself the transfer.

It is important to inform you that I always use Blacklane for a reliable service, but in this case, Blacklane proved the opposite by putting there customers in a bad situation where I had only one way to solve this problem, that was by splitting my family to two in order to fit in two taxis so we can reach our destination.

Then it came to my attention that I was also charged for the cancelled ride on the June 27, 2022 even though the agent informed me that there will be no charge.

Hence, I would like to claim the following:

  1. The amount charged to my credit card of the amount of 274.32 Euros equivalent to 82.580 Kuwaiti Dinars as shown on my credit card (It is important to know that the same amount in Euro is equal to less than 75.000 Kuwaiti Dinar today because of the euro exchange rate decreasing against the $). Hence I request the transfer of the amount of Kuwaiti Dinars to cover the difference in the exchange rate.
  2. The amount of the difference between what I paid to the two taxis and the amount of what I was supposed to pay for Blacklane which amounts to (180*2 – 247.32 = 360.00 – 247.32 = 112.68 Euros.
  3. A compensation for the trouble created and the goodwill of Blacklane.

Blacklane’s Reply:

Reader’s Reply:

Kindly note that refunding the amount charged is a must in my case because of Blacklane fault. Second, I incurred a loss in this case specially that I was charged after the incident and only after my email I got the credit when the euro is deteriorated in the exchange market.  Third, there is no mention what do ever to the compensation I requested since it is Blacklane who canceled my transfer at the last minute and put me and my family in a difficult situation that resulted in hours of delays. Last but not least, crediting the charged amount is the least that Blacklane has to do but I’m surprised that Blacklane doesn’t care about its reputation and the goodwill it built in the past years.

I cannot accept the loss of money due to exchange rate and credit card fees and accept the loos of my time and my family time, in addition to the stress due to this situation experienced by my family.

Finally, if this is not resolved in accordance with my expectation, you are losing my trust and the trust of my cycle. And will be forced to publish this incident publicly in social media and any other means.

Your earliest response is appreciated.

Blacklane’s Reply:

Reader’s Final Comment:

I was surprised that they did not reply properly to my points raised in my previous emails! And after several correspondences I was offered a 25% voucher on my next ride which will compensate for the trouble I faced and the long delay not to mention my loose on exchange rates for the charge and the credit in addition to the actual cost of the transfer I paid because of their mistake.

Blacklane is out of my list for any future transfer requirement and would be using other providers.

Meanwhile I would like your advise on what to do next to stop Blacklane of treating their costumers the way they treated me.


An awful situation from Blacklane, which claims to offer seamless services for seasoned travelers that deem good quality road transportation essential.

It is even more infuriating that Blacklane charges 274 euros for transportation they didn’t even provide.

This makes you wonder if they just scam some consumers hoping they don’t realize these charges or are simply too busy to contest them.

I thought that Blacklane would be a reliable service to use, but it appears that you cannot rely on them. Better stick with ride-hailing services and or cabs.

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