Reader Email: Hyatt Globalist Upgrade & Late Checkout Benefit At Mission Pacific Hotel


A LoayltyLobby reader sent us an email about World of Hyatt Globalist benefits at Mission Pacific Hotel in Oceanside, California (part of JdV hotels).

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You can access Mission Pacific Hotel’s Hyatt page here.

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Reader Email:

I want to report this issue / experience with you and want to ask for your option and expertise.

Checking in yesterday to Mission Pacific Hotel in Oceanside California a Hyatt hotel.  Just want to clarify that I am a Globalist member for multiple years with a personal concierge assigned to me.

I text the hotel 2 hours before checking in to see if I can get a stander suite upgrade because I see they are selling it online during the period I will be staying.  I got a reply back from the hotel saying that to get a stander suite upgrade I need to call Hyatt and use one of my Suite upgrades awards.  This don’t sound right so I call my concierge at Hyatt,  I was told that since I am a globalist I don’t need to use by Suite Upgrade award since I am almost at the hotel.  The hotel should offer the upgrade free of charge.

So, I got to the hotel, they upgrade me to a studio room, when I ask about the stander suite upgrade the hotel told me they don’t do suite upgrades for Globalists.  To get the stander suite I need to pay 500 dollars a night.  Or, I need to call Hyatt to use my Suite upgrade awards to get those suites.

So I call Hyatt concierge again for help.  Concierge agent ask me to hand the phone to the hotel agent.  I hear hotel agent told my concierge that they don’t do stander suite upgrades only studio rooms.  Hotel agent handed me back the phone.  Concierge told me she don’t want to argue with the hotel agent and she can not make the hotel agent give me the upgrade.  So Hyatt concierge offer me to just use my Suite upgrade award for now and she will ask management to offer me another Suite upgrade award later.  So I took that option and have her applied my Suite upgrade award.

Then, the hotel agent told me that they don’t do 4pm checking for Globalist anymore, Its now 2pm.  Let me be clear, its not because they don’t have room, they just decided to move from 4pm to 2pm.

So I have already email Hyatt about all of that situation and just waiting for their reply.  I want to know what can I do in this situation?  Are hotels able to change rules like that and Hyatt cannot do anything about it?  Any information and plans of action will be greatly appreciated

Globalist Welcome Card

Text With Hotel

The hotel claims that the Dreamscapes suites, which are the smallest suites at the hotel, per their web page, are not standard.

Here’s what the World of Hyatt T&Cs says about the relevant Globalist benefits:

Room & Suite Upgrades:

(c) Best Room Available: Globalists will receive the best room available at the time of check-in at Hyatt hotels and resorts, including Standard Suites and rooms with Club lounge-access. The best room available will be determined by the applicable hotel or resort in its sole discretion and may vary from stay-to-stay. The “best room” may, but will not necessarily be, of a room type/category higher than that booked by the Member. Best-room-available benefit includes only Standard Suites (where available), which are defined as rooms within each participating hotel’s or resort’s introductory suite category. Premium, Specialty, Premier, Presidential, Diplomatic, and other suites other than Standard Suites are not included in this benefit. Not valid at Caption by Hyatt, Hyatt Place, Hyatt House, Destination by Hyatt Residences, or Vacation Ownership Property hotels and resorts.

Late Checkout:

(e) 4:00 PM Late Checkout: Upon request, Globalists will receive a 4:00 PM late checkout (local hotel time) on day of their departure at Hyatt hotels, provided that (a) late checkout is subject to availability at hotels with a casino, Hyatt resorts, and Destination by Hyatt Residences locations; and (b) late checkout is not offered at Vacation Ownership Properties.  (PLEASE NOTE: The distinction between a Hyatt resort and a Hyatt hotel may not always be obvious and Members are encouraged to call a Hyatt Global Care Center for help determining a hotel’s or resort’s designation. Please visit for contact information.)

Two Questions:

1. Hotel’s Standard Suite?

The hotel claims that the reader should use a Suite Upgrade certificate to get a standard suite at this hotel, which is plain wrong. You can reserve one in advance, if available, rather than waiting for space-available upgrades when checking in.

The “standard” suite for Suite Upgrade Award use is Dreamscape (I have confirmed this with Hyatt).

2. Hotel or a Resort (late checkout)?

The hotel’s welcome card notes that the resort fee is waived for Globalist members. This perhaps indicates that they may consider themselves a resort. However, it is unclear from their Hyatt page what the real categorization is. Hyatt classifies this hotel as a resort (I have confirmed this with them).

Regardless, Globalists members are eligible for 4 PM checkout IF AVAILABLE, even at resorts. You cannot state, as this hotel does on their welcome note, that the latest check out for Globalist members is 2 PM.


I hope that Hyatt can keep their system sound and under control while they try to expand quickly.

You don’t want to be in a similar mess to what Marriott is in right now regarding elite benefits and their application (or not) consistently by properties.

Based on the suite definitions on their site, it seems this Dreamscape is their standard suite. Therefore, it must be available for Globalist members even if they are not using their Suite Upgrade certificates if available at the time of checking in.

If the hotel doesn’t want to or is unwilling to provide Globalist benefits per published program T&Cs, they can choose to reflag themselves and choose another affiliation.

The reader should open a case with their Globalist Concierge and ask for points as compensation for the hotel failing to deliver published program benefits,

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