Reader Email: IHG One Rewards Milestone Rewards Have Vanished?


A LoyaltyLobby sent us a message that all their Milestone Rewards sitting in the Rewards Wallet had disappeared after a forced password change.

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You can access IHG’s page for Milestone Rewards here.

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Email From The Reader:

I think there’s something going on with IHG IT, again!

When I tried to log in yesterday they forced me to change password.

Then today when I logged in I cannot see the choice rewards in my Reward Wallet (annual lounge pass, CSUs, F&B Rewards).

When I tried to call them to utilise one of my CSU the call just won’t go through. I tried their European and US numbers. Have you heard anything?

I have seen reports that some members have been forced to change their passwords (IHG has not released any information why), but not that the Milestone Rewards had all gone missing.

My Rewards Wallet on December 16:

My Rewards Wallet on December 20:

All the Milestone Rewards have vanished from my Rewards Account.

The Food & Beverage rewards don’t matter, as they are not usable at properties yet (perhaps sometime in 2023, as disclosed last week), but having Annual Lounge Pass disappear will cause headaches for many members.

How can members who have their Annual Pass prove to hotels that they should have this on their Rewards Wallet? Some hotels may see that the member is eligible for lounge access, but not all (based on my experience).

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It is very unfortunate that IHG is failing both their affiliated hotels and IHG One Rewards members.

Can it be a coincidence there was a widespread system hack couple of months ago that took entire IT down for days, and now members are forced to change their passwords? I hope that there have not been additional customer information leaks.

I do not doubt that IHG will eventually get the Rewards Wallet back up and running, but what happens with members who cannot use their rewards in the meantime?

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