Reader Email: Incorrect Number Of Points Credited For Buy Hilton Honors Points Promotion!


A LoyaltyLobby reader emailed us about an issue with the Hilton’s latest buy points promotion we covered last week (read more here).

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You can access Hilton’s page for buying points here.

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Hilton Buy Points Promotion:

Hilton Honors Buy Points 100% Bonus + Increased Limit Through May 9, 2023

Hilton has these offers to buy points with a 100% bonus and sometimes with an increased limit, basically monthly.

Reader’s Email:

I am not sure how many of your readers were targeted with and took advantage of Hilton Honors’ recent record-setting offer to purchase 240K + a 100% bonus for a total of 480K points, but those who went for it need to ensure that they were credited all the 480K points because I was not!

Checking my points activities on the Hilton Honors app today, I noticed that I was awarded 240K points + a “100%” bonus, but 100% of 240K was calculated as 160K points rather than 240K.

Concerned that I might have misunderstood the offer, I rushed to my email and found the receipt that I received from Hilton after I made the purchase (see image below) and, sure enough, the offer was as I’d understood it (240K + 240K bonus).

It would appear that the server that processed the purchases had not (yet) been reprogrammed to accommodate the new maximum of 240K points, and was still computing the 100% bonus based on the previous maximum of 160K points.

As a result, I was credited 240K + 160K = 400K instead of 480K points, and I did not notice because the new total points in my account jumped to the approximate number of points I expected, but I was actually shorted 80K points.

I contacted Hilton Honors Diamond Desk, they acknowledged the error, and said it will be fixed within the next 24h to 48h. It is quite likely an honest error but your readers who took advantage of the offer need to make sure that they got all the points they purchased.


It seems that the promotion is not correctly programmed at’s end, a company that handles these points and miles sales for many companies.

They haven’t considered the new higher purchase limit on the bonus side, as previously, these have all been capped at 160,000, and this time the max for many is 240,000 before the bonus.

I am glad that Hilton is aware of the issue and that the missing points are hopefully soon in the accounts of Honors members.

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