Reader Email: MHflypass and MHflypass ASEAN Experience


Malaysia Airlines launched three flight passes (read more here) for domestic and ASEAN flights, and there have been a few questions regarding this product.

A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us their experiences with this product and if elite benefits from Oneworld frequent flier programs apply.

You can access the Malaysia Airlines page for flight passes here.

Email from a reader:

I thought I’d just let you know of an update regarding Malaysia AIrlines FlyPass for Malaysia and ASEAN travel.

And the rules pertaining to this is

Basically the passes were meant to be for Malaysia Airlines Enrich members only. There is no restrictions to anyone joining to be Enrich members in order to purchase these passes and there is no limit to the number of passes one may purchase. All purchases however must be done after they have signed up as Enrich members and using the same log in details for journify as they do for Enrich members.

The journify website is very frustrating to get on and for some unexplained reason they are rejecting non Malaysian creditcards. Which is completely ridiculous for foreigners. I have asked Malaysia Airlines to clarify and the Twitter team gave me a nonfunctioning email to address this issue and then they (Twitter team) said that is all they have. I’ll try contacting the Call Centre for help.

Anyway, basically the flights are booked in V class. You cannot look for availability at the normal Malaysia Airlines website but you have to sign in to your Enrich account. From there, you find under menu, Airpasses and then you find the airpass you have bought and check your flights from there. If the flight is available it will show it. You will be given the taxes as a total. Always book one ways. Easier to change.

Many LL members have asked if they can use their various FF Sapphire and Emerald statuses on this booking… and the answer is yes and no. You can’t input your FFP at time of booking nor can you call the call centre to input the number. Your FFP remains as Enrich. It doesnt matter anyway as you will have seat selection access as part of this flypass benefit. You can however, ask your number to be changed to your respective favoured programme at time of check in therefore you will be given lounge access as per your FFP and additional baggage allowance when needed. I had checked in using my AA Platinum and was given lounge access and I needed the extra baggage allowance too.

However, I was not given the points (however small it was between PEN and KUL) even though V class earns miles on AA. It would seem difficult to get a manual credit as there isn’t a physical ticket per se although I hadn’t bothered since the earn rate is so low (i think I get 92 miles). I cannot get any confirmation as of yet if I even get the miles if I am to revert it back to my Enrich account. I can confirm this only next month for a SIngapore to KL flight. The Call Centre says I will get the miles in Enrich.

The main advantage to this flypass is the ability to do last minute changes as frequently as possible which I did… and it was very simple to log on to the main Malaysia Airlines website to do the changes with no penalty or additional collection. That in itself is worth the price of the pass.

Malaysia Airlines Passes:

Malaysia Airlines MHflypass ASEAN


Thanks for Wayne for letting us know how this product works in reality.

So, it remains unclear if you can get a credit on partner programs for this pass, but at least the elite benefits apply (lounge access and additional checked luggage allowance).

As the reader points out, this is an excellent product for someone who flies within Malaysia or ASEAN and needs flexibility, as changes are free.

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