Reader Emails: IHG Still Struggles To Credit Points?


Several LoyaltyLobby readers have contacted us about the status of getting past stays correctly credited three weeks after IHG systems were down for two days due to a hack.

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You can access IHG here.

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Message about trying to get past stay credited:

It seems IHG is still having problems with their website. I stayed at HIE Singapore Clarke Quay September 6-8, and my welcome points just posted today (23rd).

I called the Diamond help desk and asked why they don’t even list that stay on my account nor have I gotten any points for it other than the welcome points, and they told me they’re still having computer problems.

I tried to submit the missing points claim but I keep getting page not responding messages.

Not sure I’ll ever see those points because of their computer problems.

Another reader:

may be you have better contacts to IHG than I do. Of course I noticed like everyone the cyberattack on IHG a few weeks ago. On its front page it now sends the following little message:

“A message to our guests: Deposits of any points you’ve earned from a recent stay or partner activity may be delayed, but they’re on the way. Thank you for your patience.”

Have you any idea how long it will take IHG to credit points and bonus points for any stays to its members ? I currently consider changing some of my forthcoming stays to Hilton or Bonvoy properties as I don’t want to run after earned points forever.

IHG has not released any statement other than September 6 one that their systems had been breached (read more here). However, the attackers told BBC that they were able to breach the internal system using the password Qwerty1234 (read more here).

I chatted with a front desk manager four days ago and was told that they still cannot access many IHG resources and make anything points-related adjustments. The stays should be posted, however. There has been very little communication with hotels from IHG about what is happening.

I would not give up with stays that have not been posted yet. There might be data missing for a few days, and let’s hope that IHG can recover them all.

I never use any online forms with IHG, but I send an email to the Ambassador desk ( Then, if there is stay related issue, I forward the confirmation email and have a few words about the subject, such as missing points.

IHG Hack Timeline:

  • Website and app went down at 9 PM ET on Sunday (September 4)
  • Website and app were briefly up between 11 AM and 1 PM ET on Monday (September 5)
  • IHG Releases a statement about the hack on Tuesday afternoon (September 6)
  • Website and app back online (booking functionality) at 11:30 PM ET on Tuesday (September 6)

IHG Hack Coverage


It is very unfortunate how badly IHG has handled its communication about the breach of its internal systems using the weak password (Qwery1234). We have learned more from the hackers than from the IHG.

The breach has been grave, as IHG still hasn’t fully recovered its internal systems, which causes headaches to hotels.

My three stays after the hack have all posted OK, albeit one took a few days longer than usual.

I would not give up on the missing stays from early September, but I would email IHG that points are missing from your account to have a record of the request if other actions need to be taken later.

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