Reader Question: Hilton Honors Rollover Night Confusion


A friend and I had a chat about Hilton’s Honors rollover nights (introduced in 2018 – read more here), and there still appears to be a lot of confusion surrounding them,

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You can access Hilton’s page for rollover nights here.

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The roll over rules for HH for next years

Example: i have 42 roll over nights from last year, if i get 50 nights in 2022.

Will 8 or 50 roll over to 2023?

Rollover nights won’t roll over more than once. Only nights that are consumed this year can roll over.

So, if you have 50 consumed nights this year, and the Diamond requirement is 42, then 8 will roll over.

Meaning my rollover from last year are then useless?

Yes, they only count towards earning status this year and won’t be considered for rollover purposes.

Meaning i actually qualify twice this year, once from roll over and once from earned nights. So the strategy should be to make 100+ nights in a year and few the following year etc.

The thing about rollover nights do not roll over more than once would mean that my new nights should roll over at least.

Anyway, then i guess i will top up my account to the nearest multiple of 10 for the milestones but no extra effort to get more roll over nights.

We get these rollover count questions several times a month, and I have to agree that they are somehat confusing, because there is no count on the nights how many nights are eligible for rolling over for the following year.

You should always forget what nights you consumed in the previous year when you start counting how many will be for the following year.

Only the nights’ will roll over that are over your current status and consumed this year.

Also, the maximum number of nights that can be rolled over to the following year is capped at 60 because that is the maximum needed for Diamond status.

Rollover Nights:

  • Won’t count towards Milestone Rewards
  • Won’t count towards Gold & Diamond status gifting

My Account Status:

You need to forget the number of nights shown at the top (166), and unless you want to do a simple subtraction, there is no need to look at the rollover nights number either.

The most valuable counter is the Milestone Bonus. You can use it to count how many nights will roll over to the following year.

The Diamond requirement this year is 42 nights. 106 nights – 42 nights = 64 nights, but the maximum that can roll over is capped at 60.

Hilton Honors Rollover Nights Coverage


These rollover nights are somewhat confusing to many and difficult to understand. Marriott Rewards used to roll over excess nights year after year but stopped them altogether.

Theoretically, with Hilton Honors, you could qualify in 2022 through March 2025 without having a stay in 2023 or 2024. But what is the status worth if you stop staying?

The rollover nights help those with variability in their nights’ number between years and can start with a healthy balance on some.

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