Reader Question: How To Get Matched By Singapore Airlines? (Cathay Pacific Diamond)


A LoyaltyLobby reader with a Cathay Pacific status wonders how they could get the status match by Singapore Airlines because Cathay is hardly flying anywhere at present.

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Question From The Reader:

Question:  I have been a long term Oneworld traveller.  Currently Diamond with Cathay and lifetime gold with Qantas.

With CX not really flying anywhere I am looking at shifting to Singapore/Star alliance. Any advice on how to get Singapore to give me a status match to switch?

The reader is not the only Cathay Pacific frequent flier and an elite member contemplating whether it is worth continuing with the airline that hardly flies anywhere. It is unclear when and if Hong Kong ever reopens for visitors.

The reader has a lifetime Gold status with Qantas that maps to Oneworld Sapphire (business class check-in, lounge access, and extra luggage allowance).

Although the reader is keen to find out how they could get matches with Singapore Airlines, I would expand the question.

Singapore Airlines is a genuinely good airline; challenging to get through by phone at the moment, and they treat you equally well, whether you have status with them or not.

I would NOT credit Singapore Airlines flights to the program unless you can reach PPS or Solitaire PPS status. You can get Star Alliance Gold status easier on several other programs that reward you equally well or even better for SQ flights than the operating airline itself.

Singapore Airlines Star Alliance Silver or Gold status doesn’t provide more significant benefits when flying on SQ than any other similar Star tier.

There are two options for KrisFlyer elite status fast track:

1. Infinite Journeys

Shangri-La and Singapore Airlines have a program called Infinite Journeys (access here) that offers limited tier matching.

If you have Shangri-La Circle Jade or Diamond status, you can automatically get KrisFlyer Silver for a year. Jade members need three more flights to Gold and Diamond members one.

2. Conversion Promotion

Singapore Airlines has now had twice an offer when it has rewarded KrisFlyer members with status miles if they have converted credit card points to the program (read more herehere, here, and here).


Last year, I got KrisFlyer Gold status during the credit card conversion bonus offer. I have, however, credited Singapore Airlines business class flights to either Aegean’s Miles+Bonus or Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan (Oneworld airline with SQ partnership).

KrisFlyer program is suitable for Singapore Airlines business class awards that are challenging to redeem from other programs. Their online interface for booking partner awards is horrendous, however. It rarely returns anything available on other Star programs (United, Air Canada & Aegean).

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