Reader Question: Marriott Bonvoy Greater China Possible Status Extension?


A LoyaltyLobby reader got back to us regarding a possible Marriott Bonvoy tier extension for members in China and Hong Kong.

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Question from the reader:

I just want to write to you to enquire as to whether you heard if there is some type of soft landing for Bonvoy members based in China and Hong Kong.

As you have alluded to in a previous post, members in China and Hong Kong were subject to quarantine and Hong Kong just opened up a couple of months ago.

Do you have any insights as to whether they plan to offer some type of soft-landing for members based here?

This question has come up several times this year, as has the extension of free night certificates for members in the area.

It is tough not to see Marriott extending Bonvoy tiers for an additional year in, at least, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and perhaps even Taiwan.

All these countries have had various degrees of travel bans, lockdowns, or quarantines in place for most of 2022, and travel has been a challenge.

I know there have been offers in China, mainland at the least, for relatively inexpensive ways to extend status through various “offers.”


Let’s hope that Marriott values Bonvoy members in Greater China and does what is right, extending member tiers for the last time.

They may not want to announce in advance to maximize their revenue, but it is difficult to see how this otherwise would work for them in the market.

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