Reader Question: Marriott Suite Night Award Disasters?


We have had several of our readers send us emails regarding the recent extension of June 30, 2022, expiring Site Night Awards (read more here) that was later reversed (read more here).

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You can access Marriott’s page for Suite Night Awards here.

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What Happened?

I’m sure you wrote about this and I saw it in my account, suite nights were extended till June 30, 2023, but all of a sudden they seem to have disappeared from my account?

Are you seeing this?  Others?

Marriott claimed that the Suite Night Award extension was a mistake and reversed it. Very unfortunate. What would it have cost them to have them expire at the end of 2022?

First Extended!

Marriott Bonvoy Extends June 30 Expiring Suite Night Awards By 6 Months

Then Removed!

CANCELLED! No Marriott Suite Night Award Extensions!

“Expired” SNA Upgrades still being granted 🙂

I saw your post previously about the “accidentally” extended Marriott SNAs being removed form people’s accounts. When i saw that, i quickly applied all the SNAs i had to existing reservations  (whether they were business or personal and whether or not the “suites” on offer were actually worth it!).

Rightly so, the day after that, all the un-applied ones disappeared from my account. I figured the SNAs i had just applied would be expired/lost as well.

In the app, the reservations no longer showed that the SNAs were applied and on the Marriott website, i could see a notice on the reservations about SNAs, but showed 0 available in my account. I even got an e-mail about my Reservation at Renaissance Paris saying that my reservation was “ineligible” for SNA upgrade. So assumed that was a no-hope.

I figured it was a nice try, but nothing was lost/gained as i expected the SNAs were going to be lost end of June anyway.

Much to my surprise, i just got a notification about my stay at REMOVED (the “ineligible” one) confirming my SNA upgrade! To the top level suite as well..!

I’ve no idea if they will now look at my account and realise that there is no SNA in there to use anyway, but given the system “deducts” them when you first apply them, i’m hoping not, but who knows!

Fingers crossed the same applies to the other reservations i hurriedly applied SNAs to!

It seems that Marriott’s IT is not intelligent enough to withdraw the SNAs that were already applied to reservations. I may have had one for a stay at the Gritti Palace earlier this month.


Would you think that Marriott preferred avoiding another fiasco and letting these SNAs stay in member accounts after they were “mistakenly” extended?

But alas, no. Considering all the various loyalty program IT issues, it was the greatest Bonvoy priority to have them removed.

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