Reminder: Thailand’s 45-Day Visa Exemption Stamp (30 days for Visa on Arrival) Is Now In Effect Through March 31, 2023


In August we wrote about Thailand bringing back the 45-Day Visa Exemption stamp that was briefly in place from mid-2021 and this has now been put into place for entries effective October 1, 2022.

The extension will affect both Visa-exempt travelers whose stamp will be 45 days from currently 30 days and Visa-on-Arrival applicants will receive a 30-day stay permit rather than the 15 days as is the case right now.

The Thai Government decided to bring back the 45-Day Visa Exemption stamp and also extends the VOA duration in an effort to boost tourism in the country.

Thailand has also rolled back all Covid related restrictions concerning entry into the country effective October 1, 2022 so no documentation needs to be shown anymore concerning either vaccination or testing in order to enter Thailand.

These are the eligible countries per the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

As can be seen from the document, a few countries already have agreements in place that allow for a longer stay period but these are far and in between.

As confirmed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, this measure will last for arrivals until March 31, 2023 after which the stay period will be reverted to the previous 30 days (unless it is extended).

Relevant for admission into Thailand under these circumstances is the arrival date. If the 45 days are coming to end and the traveler wishes to stay in Thailand longer, it’s possible to apply for an extension of stay at an immigration office for 1,900 Baht fee.

Definitely a good thing for all who seek to stay a bit longer than 30 days in Thailand. If it has the desired effect of boosting the economy is another question. Will it attract more foreigners who seek to escape the winter months or be primarily a fallback option for inofficial residents (permanent tourists) of Thailand?


The 45-Day Entry Stamp for visitors to Thailand is back and the measure will be in place until March 2023 so a 6-month period (OCT-MAR). Maybe it will even be extended, who knows? Giving just 30-days upon arrival is rather short and unusual in international comparison. Most western countries have a visa waiver agreement that allows a 90-day stay in other countries.

There are several countries from South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru – see list above) that actually get very long 90 Day entry stamps in Thailand. This is likely a reciprocity measure and let’s keep in mind most countries make it rather difficult for Thai citizens to obtain a visa.

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