Shangri-La Circle Jade & Diamond Welcome Amenity Benefits Change On December 1, 2022


Shangri-La Circle has gone through a program refresh in the past 12 months. The name of the loyalty program changed (Golden dropped), the move dynamic awards, and the new invitation-only Polaris tier.

There is at least one more change taking effect on December 1, 2022, when Jade and Diamond member Welcome Amenity options change, and not for the better.

You can access Shangri-La Circle here.

A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a message yesterday that the welcome amenity options online had changed, and there was no longer a wine option available for Diamond members:




We were in touch with Shangri-La and were told the following:

Effective from 1 December 2022:

For Jade members, the choices are: (Select 1 out of 3)

US10 Dining credit/US12 Laundry credit / 100 Points

For Diamond members, the choices are: (Select 1 out of 3)

US10 Dining credit / US12 Laundry credit / 150 Points

A special delight will be offered in room

This is part of the program changes and will be effective starting from 1 December 2022, so members can still enjoy their existing physical welcome amenities until 30 November 2022. We started allowing guests to update their preferences from 1 November 2022. There will be an official announcement to the members soon, we are also offering a one-off 100 Points to all Jade members and a one-off 150 Points to all Diamond members as a taste of the new welcome amenities in light of the changes.

The New Welcome Amenities, members can utilize the Dining or laundry credit during their stay; as for the Points, it can be accumulated, and they can use in the future. We have also listened feedback from our members. We do understand any change needs time for members to adopt, but we trust the new welcome amenities would be able to offer our members more flexibility on enjoying the F&B offerings, and the Point can certainly use for whatever they desire via stay, dine, shop.

Shangri-La Program Change:

Shangri-La Circle Introduces “Family Privileges”

Shangri-La Circle Goes Live On Thursday + Welcome Bonus & Members’ Day

Shangri-La Circle Moves To Dynamic Awards & Qualification Changes

Shangri-La Launches New Polaris Invite Only Membership Tier


It is interesting to see what this “Special Delight” is that Diamond members will be eligible for on December 1, 2022. Is it a fruit plate or bottle of wine that the reader was interested in (current benefit) or something entirely different?

Significant welcome amenities used to be the case for top-tier members with most chains; I always remember those elaborate cheese plates waiting inside a room or suite with a wine bottle.

You still get them occasionally at truly luxury hotels (think of the likes such as Ritz Carlton, St. Regis, Waldorf Astoria, or Park Hyatt), but they are mostly gone from the affordable luxury ones.

Let’s face it these wine bottles are not expensive for hotels to provide, but would usually cost quite a bit if you order one through in-room dining,

Obviously, credit or points are good to have as you can use them any way you wish, but they are somewhat impersonal and unmemorable.

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