Shangri-La Circle Program Refresh Update


Shangri-La Circle has gone through a program refresh in the past 12 months. The name of the loyalty program changed (Golden dropped), the move dynamic awards, and the new invitation-only Polaris tier.

Shangri-La has now released more information about family privileges, milestone rewards, upgrade gift, birthday offer, and welcome amenities.

You can access Shangri-La Circle here.

Family Privileges

Diamond members can use their points to book rooms for their friends & family members that come with the benefits listed above.

Note that Family Privileges don’t apply to award stays.

Milestone Rewards

Tier Nights Or Spend

Shangri-La Circle members can earn some of the benefits above by reaching a select number of nights or spending within a membership year.

Upgrade Gift

Note that you can only earn the Upgrade Gift once at each level during your membership.

Birthday Offer

You can select a birthday benefit that is better the more tier points you have,

Welcome Amenities

We already reported about these welcome amenity benefits changes earlier, and most readers didn’t like the change. However, it seems that there is still a small local benefit for Diamond/Polaris members.

Shangri-La Program Refresh:

Shangri-La Circle Jade & Diamond Welcome Amenity Benefits Change On December 1, 2022

Shangri-La Circle Introduces “Family Privileges”

Shangri-La Circle Goes Live On Thursday + Welcome Bonus & Members’ Day

Shangri-La Circle Moves To Dynamic Awards & Qualification Changes

Shangri-La Launches New Polaris Invite Only Membership Tier


I guess that Shangri-La has now published all the Circle changes since starting the program refresh.

The Circle may work for someone living in Greater China, where most of their properties are located, but a difficult loyalty program for anyone else.

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