Singapore Airlines Now Calls Delayed Flights “Retimed”


Don’t we love when companies manufacture words to describe adverse events more positively?

Used or open-box merchandise became preowned or recertified, and Singapore Airlines now calls delayed flights “retimed” based on an email I received from them when I was on a cab to the airport in Bali last week.

You can access Singapore Airlines here.

Email From Singapore Airlines:

The email was sent well after the Singapore – Bali flight had departed. It was also way too optimistic about how fast they could turn the aircraft around (deboarding, cleaning & catering).

The only positive I can think of that may come out of “retiming” a flight rather than saying there is a delay is that the check-in desks may stay open longer.

I wish, however, that I had known about this hour delay earlier because I could have left for the airport an hour later. The lounge that most airlines currently use in Bali and which was the only one open in the morning is not a place to spend more than a few minutes,


I understand if an airline retimes a flight a few days to a week before it is scheduled to operate, but it was simply an operational delay in my case.

Perhaps the flight was waiting for some connecting passengers? As a result, some passengers on this flight (I only saw 10 passengers on the baggage claim on a full flight) missed their connections (I saw a list that the ground agent gave to the FA once the door was opened). Not good.

I am glad that Singapore Airlines sent out an email about this delay, but let’s call it what it really is and not spin it to sound like something beyond their control.

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