Some Hyatt Hotels Now Offer Globalist Members Complimentary 9am Check-In Through Advance Email


This week I received an interesting email from a Hyatt Place Hotel (Bangkok Sukhumvit) that offered complimentary 9 am early Check-In specifically for Globalist members.

The email offered either 9 am or 12 pm check-in and the price was noted as zero for Globalists (assuming that regular or lower tier customers would have a specific price quoted for that service.

I have received such emails before from a variety of properties and brands, but this is the first time that a hotel offered me a zero rate for such an early check-in ahead of time.

This is how the email arrived today:

As I booked the hotel for a friend who will arrive early morning from Korea, I decided to take them up on the offer and requested an early check-in.

The way the website is structured is interesting but basically, the same as we often see it for late check-out, room upgrades, or additional services:

12 pm was also available as a time slot and it showed only one room left available for each selection:

In the end, I chose the early option, and since Hyatt Place doesn’t give suite upgrades either way, I don’t have to worry about none being available at that time of day:

Commonly hotel chains use these email offers to solicit upsell offers to their guests that include a variety of services. I’m actually surprised that no upgrade to a higher-grade room was included. Only the early check in offers that priced zero.


Today I received an email offer where Hyatt offered a free early check-in as early as 9 am based on Globalist status, which apparently resets the usual upsell offer to zero. These email solicitations are usually designed to increase revenue for the hotel, so it was surprising that some properties now choose to forego that option and instead offer it outright.

Checking in at 9 am is indeed very early, although I have done very early ones, such as 5 am before (St. Regis and Park Hyatt Beijing come to mind). I wonder if other Hyatt properties have also started to send their Globalist guests such offers?

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