STARLUX Airlines COSMILE Status Extension Through December 31, 2023 + Fast Track To Keep It Through 2025


STARLUX Airlines, a new Taiwanese airline, launched just before the pandemic began in 2022, has decided to extend COSMILE tiers through December 31, 2023.

You can also extend the tier by an additional two years through the end of 2025 by flying six segments with the airline in 2023.

You can access STARLUX Airlines here.

Status Extension Email:

Account Status:

Well. I hadn’t logged into my account for more than a year.

Status Tiers:


I have no idea how well this startup airline is doing, considering it was launched about the worst possible time in 2020. Their flights, however, came up in a recent search I made for a trip to Japan, and I would like to try them out at least once.

The fact that they are not part of any alliance and no partners make choosing them a bit of a challenge.

The tier requirements are unrealistic for an airline with not that many flights.

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