Success: Shangri-La Circle Tier Renewal Offer By Completing One Property Transaction Through December 15, 2022


Last month, Shangri-La emailed tier members of the Shangri-La Circle that they are able to renew their status this year simply by having one qualified transaction, as small as a food & beverage purchase at a property.

I received the same email and decided to put this to the test, going to the Shangri-La Bangkok for a quick bite to eat during dinner and earning a couple of points in the process.

Circle Jade members, and perhaps Diamonds too, can renew their status by staying or having a point-earning activity at any of their properties, such as lunch or dinner, by December 15, 2022.

You can access Shangri-La Circle here.

Apparently, Shangri-La (which is very mainland China-centric) is still seeing that a lot of their members won’t be able to maintain the tier level, and they have created a way for members to maintain the status, but they have to come into a property and make at least one qualifying transaction.

Shangri La Circle members can earn points even for small purchases such as buying a coffee, pastry or a meal.

I got my Shangri La Jade status a couple of years ago through American Express (the partnership has since ceased) and due to Covid they have always extended it automatically until now.

Since I was home in Bangkok and the Shangri La is easily accessible, I decided to pop in one evening as I was next door at Icon Siam that day.

I just ordered a simple pasta and fresh coconut for a total of ~ US$17.

When I ordered the check, I just gave my SLC Jade membership card to the waiter, and they were fully aware of how to credit the points.

The transaction was also posted to the bill:

It only took ~ 36 hours for the transaction to post to the account, and the lever for JADE status was filled out fully:

The status validity still shows 2022, but this is just a matter of time as I was assured when contacting customer care.

If you want to familiarize yourself again with the program’s benefits, here is the chart for all three tiers:

Shangri-La Circle Tier Requirements:

Shangri-La Circle Tier Benefits:

The purchase of a full meal such as I did would probably not have been necessary, and a simple coffee or piece of pastry had been enough, but I figured it didn’t make much difference as I was hungry anyway.


Shangri-La and its Circle is that the chain is heavily leaned towards those traveling to mainland China, at the very least, the Asia Pacific region. There are some properties in North America, too.

To run this campaign on my account, I went to have dinner at the Shangri-La in Bangkok to extend my Jade tier, which was granted due to a previous Amex Platinum ICC card benefit. The transaction has posted within two days on my Shangri La Circle account. While the chart/lever has been updated the actual expiration date has not

I still wonder if some Diamond members were extended a similar offer!? According to our initial post about it, not all members have received the email about this campaign.

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