Thailand May Drop Test & Go Predeparture PCR-RT Test


Thailand’s Public Health Minister has told the press that he will suggest changes to the Test & Go program that allows foreign visitors to enter Thailand quarantine free.

Currently, visitors need to apply for a Thailand Pass and have both predeparture and arrival PCR-RT tests (free to roam after the negative result is confirmed from the test in Thailand), and then follow up antigen test on day five.

The minister now plans to suggest to the task force that the predeparture PCR-RT test is dropped and the insurance requirement lowered from $20,000 to $10,000.

Fully vaccinated visitors would be required to do a test upon arriving in Thailand and wait for the results at a hotel + the follow-up antigen test on day 5.

Current Thailand Test & GO Requirements:

New Thailand Test&Go Registration Is Now Active With Amended Requirements Effective March 1, 2022

WARNING: Fraudulent Emails Pretending To Come From Thailand Pass:

Be Aware Fraudulent Emails Pretending To Come From Thailand Pass

Thailand Pass Database Hacked, Beware Of Malicious Emails With Fake QR Codes

Alert: Be Careful About Emails Pretending To Come From Thailand’s Test & Go


How does this dropping the predeparture PCR-RT test make any sense when you must have one on arrival and a second antigen test within a few days?

Wouldn’t it be better for the visitor to know before leaving for Thailand if they are positive for one of the Covid variants rather than quarantine upon arrival?

In January, this happened to me when I tested positive on the predeparture PCR-RT test (I did actually two) to Thailand and had to amend my plans.

I am now scheduled to fly to Thailand in about five weeks, but I have not yet started the application for the Thailand Pass, as there can be changes, such as the one proposed now. I plan to apply three to two weeks out, as there are no benefits to doing it any sooner.

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