Thailand Pass Application Success For May 2022 Arrivals


Visitors to Thailand still need to apply for a Thailand Pass, although the requirements have been relaxed a lot, and there is chat that the entire pass will be soon scrapped (read more here).

I entered Thailand in April (read more here) and am currently in Vietnam (read more here). My original plan was to travel South Korea next but plans changed, as they often do, and I am returning to Thailand later this week and applied for the Thailand Pass for the fourth time.

You can access Thailand’s page for applying for Thailand Pass here.

Those who are fully vaccinated, with no boosters currently required, need only to provide proof of vaccination and insurance to get their QR code to enter the country.

My Previous Application Experiences:

I never used my second Thailand Pass, as I tested positive for the second time in January this year (the first time in late 2020).

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Thailand Pass May Soon Be Gone:

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Thailand Pass Application In May 2022:

You need to choose the arrival method and which program you intend to apply. There is absolutely no point in choosing quarantine, as even those who are not vaccinated can enter with a negative PCR-RT test.

You need to indicate the flight that you are arriving in the country, but there is no need to have an electronic ticket, or your arrival is not tied to the flight you list on the form.

You need to upload the info page of your passport.

There was no need to upload the proof of 3rd dose, but I decided to pull up the information too.

Thailand still requires you to upload proof of insurance that covers Covid. I have used the insurance that comes with the Amex Platinum and is issued by Axa.

This is all that was needed, and I submitted the application.

I had the application time on one of the screenshots, and it was at 10 AM.

I was shocked that the Thailand Pass approval was instantaneous. Moreover, the email arrived earlier than the one that confirmed that I had applied.


As I had previously applied for the pass thrice, I had all the documents ready. There would have been no need to upload the dose 3 information, but I thought that why not, because eventually some may require it, and why not have it ready.

I was stunned that the approval was instantaneous because, previously, it always took a few hours.

They must use different criteria for approving those that have recently visited Thailand and use the same information for a new pass.

It looks that Thailand will likely end this Thailand Pass soon, but they can always bring it back if we saw significant covid waves this coming fall, as expected.

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