Trouble Brewing For Australia’s Reopening For International Tourists On February 21, 2022


Australia’s Prime Minister (read more here) announced on Monday that the country would welcome fully vaccinated visitors from February 21, 2022.

Some readers already noted that this is partially incorrect because the Federal Government cannot dictate what internal requirements Australian states may have. Now there might be challenges for the reopening plan.

Victoria’s (Melbourne) Premier demands that the Federal Government changes what it considers fully vaccinated only to include those with a booster. However, the Prime Minister on Monday was clear that only two jabs would be required.

Unless the Federal Government cave in, Victoria’s Premier intends to lock visitors out from accessing entertainment venues, restaurants, and hotels.

Here’s an excerpt from the Financial Review:

The Victorian Premier said that if the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation’s advice changed on the number of vaccine doses required to enter the country, so should the federal government’s position.

If the definition is changed, overseas travellers who have not received their booster dose could face exclusion from Victorian hospitality, retail and entertainment facilities under the state’s vaccinated economy plan.

It is unclear what Western Australia’s (Perth) opening plan is? They currently require 7 to 14-day self-quarantine for interstate travelers.


I would not rush to purchase transportation to Australia until all the questions surrounding the country’s and states’ reopening have been ironed out, as the Federal Government and States don’t appear to agree.

The third jab creates issues for those who have been double vaccinated but have had coronavirus afterward, like me. There is a suggestion that you don’t need or should not have a booster for a few months after recovering.

Let’s hope that these disagreements are resolved.

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