U.S. Daily Getaways Sends Out Thousands Of Erroneous Order Confirmations Based On Old Purchases


Last night I got an order confirmation from U.S. Daily Getaways confirming I had successfully purchased 40,000 Hyatt points – a transaction I never completed this year.

Other people I know also received such emails, and it turns out these were confirmations of old orders from previous sales 3-4 years ago that, for some reason, were timestamped by the company with a 2022 transaction date.

Something must have really gone wrong with the internal database of the company that administers the U.S. Daily Getaways, as they probably get a lot of feedback from customers who received similar incorrect invoices today.

Here is how mine looked:

Thank you for your order!

Congratulations, you’re going on vacation! Here are your purchase details.
Name Sebastian Powell
Loyalty Program Number XXXXXXXXXX
Confirmation Number 201005xxxxx
Getaway 40,000 World of Hyatt® Bonus Points
Quantity 1
Total purchase price %%PURCHASE_PRICE%%
Card ending in 0xxxxx
Billing zip code xxxxx
E-mail address xxxxxxxxxxxx
Shipping address Los Angeles, CA xxxxx

This is going to create a lot of headaches for Daily Getaways as someone messed up big time.


Many people with old transactions of the U.S. Travel Association’s “Daily Getaways” have received an invoice / order confirmation today that looks like a current order for the offers presently available on the website. In fact, those are really just duplicates of super old purchases.

What exactly happened here? Nobody knows but after talking to some friends who got similar emails we were able to trace these confirmations down to transactions that were completed YEARS ago. If you got one you can just discard it.

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