Uber Ends Its Rewards Program Effective August 31, 2022


Uber launched its Uber Rewards program back in 2018 that allowed riders to progress towards various tier levels that would award them more points and higher-rated drivers.

Uber has decided to end the Uber Rewards program in favor of subscription-based Uber One, effective August 31, 2022. Members have until the end of October to use their existing points.

You can access Uber here.

Email from Uber:


Uber here underestimates the draw of a rewards program and must believe that many will choose to pay a fee for a monthly subscription that yields a 5% discount on select rides (why even bother?).

The main draw of the Uber Rewards and higher status has been the ability to get top-rated drivers that are far less likely to play games and will actually pick you up or rather just sit waiting for you to cancel.

The rewards aspect of Uber Rewards has been extremely weak lately after a few rounds of devaluations. The main benefit has been to use points towards ride discounts.

I have 20+ ride-hailing apps on my phone (Uber, Didi, 99, Bolt, Gett, Careem, Cabify. FreeNow, Lyft, Grab, Gojek, Ola, etc.) and tend to use what works best in any given market.

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