Update: 15,000 United Mileage Plus Miles For Signing Up With CLEAR Still Not Credited – Is this a Scam?


There is still a lot of trouble and confusion about CLEAR and the sign-up promotion which they ran two months ago, offering 15,000 United Mileage Plus miles for new sign-ups by United Premier members.

To date, none of the new customers who signed up under the campaign has received even a mile from CLEAR and we have received several emails of angry new customers who accuse the company of scamming them.

When this offer came around it was limited to Mileage Plus Premier members (Silver and above) who signed up under this campaign by April 1, 2022 and the miles will be deposited for use within 6-8 weeks through the United Airlines link under your account.

This was the original article I wrote related to the campaign:

CLEAR has also a popular relationship with American Express and what makes this promotion especially lucrative is that you can combine it with both American Express credits (free for Platinum, $100 credit for Green and sometimes targeted offers for Gold).

A few readers have contacted us since and asked about when these miles will show up as so far none of the miles have been deposited in the respective Mileage Plus accounts.

I contacted CLEAR but haven’t received an answer from them. This has been my consistent experience with that company whenever I had an inquiry. Horrible!

in the last 9 days I contacted them twice more:

Dear all,

on Mach 18th, I signed up for CLEAR under the advertised promotion of receiving 15,000 United Airlines miles.

To date I have received no such mileage deposit into my United Premier account XXXXXXX.

The sign up is now more than 10 weeks ago. Please make sure the points are posted according to the promotional T&C.


No answer once again. I decided to email them one last time as a final warning before filing a complaint with the Attorney General’s consumer office:

To whom it may concern,

if the matter is continued to be ignored I will forward it to the Attorney Generals Consumer Division as well as the Department of Transportation as overseeing authority.


Let’s keep in mind that as per the T&C of this campaign they advised 6-8 weeks and the earliest a member was able to sign up was March 17th. The 8-week window after the promotion has ended has now ended for 10 days already and nothing.

On my previous article about a Reader Question related to this promotion some commented that CLEAR also engaged in very deceptive practices in past signup promotions, some never receiving their sign-up bonuses such as the United Travel Bank credits.

Their conduct is totally unacceptable and it’s time to file a proper complain against the company.

You can do so with your home state’s Attorney General’s office (see the contact for California here as an example).

The Corporate address is:

CLEAR, 65 E 55th St 17th fl, New York, NY 10022, United States

Once sufficient complaints are start coming in usually these companies are coming under a bit more scrutiny. You could also open a complaint with the Better Business Bureau but these files often go unanswered as it’s just a reference without enforcement power.

I have filed a complaint with the AG, let’s see if it yields any results.


Usually the points from such promotions as those run by CLEAR will show up eventually but they might also be significantly delayed and there is nothing you can do about it. The companies can just as well choose to ignore the complaints and sit it out

Those Premier members who have signed up for the CLEAR membership have been patient enough until today. It’s apparent through the history of promotional offers they didn’t care to follow through on that it’s better to act more aggressively if these 15,000 miles are worth the trouble to you. You could also request a refund for the membership fee you paid or quite simply charge the payment back through your credit card company.

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