UPDATE: American Airlines AAdvantage “Instant Status Pass” Promotion November 2022


American Airlines and Hyatt launched a partnership in 2019 (read more here and here) that allows elite members to earn miles and points for flights and stays. They have also offered various status matches and fast tracks for each other’s elite members.

Sebastian yesterday wrote about their latest offer, “Instant Status Pass” (read more here). American later sent out an email to at least some eligible members, including myself.

You can access AA’s page for promotions here.

Email From American:


You are merely fast-tracking the status because if you look at the Loyalty Points requirements for various tier levels, they are one-third of the yearly requirements.

You can earn Loyalty Points from most AAdvantage miles-generating activities, so you can become an EXP without ever setting foot inside an airplane.

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The Platinum Pro upgrade was instantaneous.


I think that I managed to keep the Executive Platinum status from the previous Hyatt and American match for more than two years due to Covid-related extensions.

The loyalty points I have earned this year must be all, or at least 90%, from Hyatt stays. You earn 1 AAdvantage mile for every dollar spent at Hyatt hotels, and this is all on top of World of Hyatt points earnings (miles for nothing).

Platinum Pro status is relatively new with American, and it maps to Oneworld Emerald. I have a lifetime 2 Million Miler status that grants me lifetime Platinum status with them (Oneworld Sapphire).

I may return, crediting some flights to AAdvantage after I have qualified for lifetime Gold with BA (maps to Oneworld Emerald), two to three years away. Lifetime Emerald is not an option with AA.

If you haven’t yet linked to your American Airlines and Hyatt accounts, it may be something worth doing, as it is likely a prerequisite for these match & fast track offers.

Terms and conditions of this offer:

  • This promotion is only open to select American Airlines AAdvantage® members
  • Your complimentary AAdvantage® status will be valid within 24 hours of registering.
  • Loyalty Points accrued through travel or other partners before registration do not count toward the requirements for this promotion
  • All base miles earned from flying on Loyalty Point-qualifying airlines (flights marketed by American Airlines, oneworld® airlines, JetBlue, and GOL Airlines). This includes:
    • Basic Economy tickets on American
    • All status bonuses earned when flying on American Airlines and eligible partner airlines
  • Qualifying eligible flights may be purchased in any fare that earns Loyalty Points in the AAdvantage® program
  • Eligible purchases, defined as purchases, including those made by authorized users on your account, less credits, returns and adjustments, made with your Citi® / AAdvantage®, AAdvantage® Aviator® credit card, and AAdvantage® cards issued outside the U.S. that post as base miles to your AAdvantage® account between (activation date) and (campaign end date) will count toward your qualifying spend.
    • Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for your miles to post to your AAdvantage account
  • Registration is required during the registration window
  • Must meet Loyalty Point activity requirement every 4 months to continue with this promotion and keep status benefits
  • Once you complete all 3 phases in the Instant Status PassTM you will be granted status for the next membership year immediately following the membership year in which you registered
  • Loyalty Points are subject to the standard AAdvantage® program terms and conditions
  • American Airlines may, at any time and without notice, change, stop or end this promotion in part or in full
  • AAdvantage® miles examples that do not count towards earning Loyalty Points:
    • Bonus miles earned from promotions
    • Miles from Buy, Gift, Transfer transactions
    • Government taxes, fees, and other charges associated with buying a ticket do not count toward earning AAdvantage® miles and do not count toward earning Loyalty Points
    • Conversion of another program currency to AAdvantage® miles
    • For AAdvantage® credit cards, “accelerators” or “multipliers” such as: extra miles for purchases in specific categories, with specific merchants (such as American Airlines purchases) or purchases made abroad
    • AAdvantage® credit cards new account or welcome bonuses, spend bonuses, etc.
  • Some postings may take up to 6-8 weeks to post, please call AAdvantage® customer service if you feel there are any discrepancies in your Loyalty Point accrual
  • Customers may not participate in an offer for the same or lower status during the same membership year
  • If the customer has enrolled in Instant Status PassTM in the previous 24 months, they will not be eligible to enroll in this promotion
  • You must re-qualify for AAdvantage® status membership annually

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