UPDATE: British Airways Clawing Back Avios Earned In 2019! (RESOLVED)


While American Airlines recently posted member AAdvantage miles select members earned through AAdvantage eShopping in 2019, BA was doing the exact opposite.

A LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded us an email that he had received from British Airways informing them that Avios earned in April 2019 would be removed within 3 days. The reader contacted BA regarding the issue, and it has now been resolved (without the help of eStore).

You can access BA here.

The reader contacted British Airways for the 2019 clawback and received the following response:

British Airways deposited 5,000 Avios for the deduction of 2,398.


Email that a reader received:

BA Avios Transaction History:


It is still unclear why BA’s eshopping partner decided to withdraw miles from member accounts that were awarded in 2019? Executive Club members who saw deductions from their accounts should contact British Airways customer service and ask for a reversal of the removal.

I am glad that the reader was able to resolve this issue.

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