UPDATE: IHG One Rewards Gold & Platinum Fast Track Fall 2022 (Registration Now Possible)


IHG has launched a new Gold and Platinum fast-track offer valid for stays through December 31, 2022.

IHG One Rewards members can earn Gold status by staying two qualifying nights and Platinum by staying five. Only nights consumed after registering for this offer count.

You can access and register for this offer on IHG’s website here or here

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Note that the last piece was missing the promo registration code that has now been fixed (thanks for a reader).

Award and Points + Cash nights are NOT qualifying nights under this promotion. Only nights with an average rate of $30 are (not many hotels cheaper than that).

IHG One Rewards Elite Benefits Matrix:

You must be a Diamond member to qualify for complimentary breakfast for two, and lounge access is a Choice Benefit at 40 or 70 nights.


You get an instant confirmation.

There is also an email confirmation from IHG.

And the promo registration is displayed on IHG’s My Offers.


IHG’s earlier promo allowed you to earn even Diamond status from these fast-track offers (read more here).

Having status with IHG is essential if you stay at full-service properties, combined with lounge access at 40 nights.

You can also get Platinum status by signing up and paying for InterContinental Ambassador (read more here) that comes with Platinum.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

To participate in the “Fast Track to Elite Status” promotion (“Promotion”), an individual must be an IHG One Rewards member and must register for the Promotion under their member number. The Promotion period begins on 3 October 2022 and ends on 31 December 2022 (“Promotion Period”).

Once a member registers for the Promotion, the member will be able to earn IHG One Rewards Platinum Elite status, and start enjoying the associated benefits, by staying just five (5) qualifying nights at participating IHG Hotels & Resorts during the Promotion Period. The member will first be able to earn Gold Elite status (until 23 December 2023) by completing two (2) qualifying nights within the Promotion Period. The member will then be able to reach Platinum Elite status (until 31 December 2023) by staying another three (3) qualifying nights during the Promotion Period.

To be a qualifying night under the Promotion, the room night must be part of a Promotion Eligible Qualifying Stay and must fall within the Promotion Period. Room nights prior to registration or outside of the Promotion Period are not included. By way of example, a member who registers for the Promotion on 4 October 2022 and has a Promotion Eligible Qualifying Stay at a participating hotel with a check-in date of 1 October 2022 and check-out date of 6 October 2022 will be credited with two (2) qualifying nights, for 4 and 5 October. The member will not receive credit for 1 and 2 October because those nights were prior to the Promotion Period, and no credit will be given for 3 October because that night was before the member registered for the Promotion. However, with the two (2) qualifying nights credited, the member will earn Gold Elite status under the Promotion, and the two nights will also be applied towards the five (5) qualifying nights needed to earn Platinum Elite status.

“Promotion Eligible Qualifying Stays” are a minimum one (1) night stay booked under a Qualifying Rate, with a room rate exceeding US $30 for each night. Stays booked using Rewards Nights or Points & Cash are not Promotion Eligible Qualifying Stays for the purposes of this Promotion. Bookings made through online travel agencies or other reservation sites such as booking.com or expedia.com also do not qualify under this Promotion. For additional details on Qualifying Rates, please see the full IHG One Rewards Membership Terms and Conditions. If more than one member checks into the same room, only one member is eligible to count the room nights towards the Promotion (for those nights that qualify). If a member books more than one room on the same night, the member will only receive credit for qualifying nights for one room.

Gold Elite status and Platinum Elite status awarded under this Promotion will be reflected in the member’s IHG One Rewards account following completion of the number of qualifying nights required to achieve such status, as described in these terms and conditions. Once a member receives a Gold Elite or Platinum Elite status upgrade with this Promotion, the member may keep such status for the remainder of 2022 and through the full 2023 calendar year. Any status upgrade above the Platinum Elite level for 2022 or 2023, and any Elite status at any level for the 2024 calendar year and beyond, must be earned by the member in accordance with the IHG One Rewards Club Membership Terms and Conditions or, if applicable, pursuant to a special promotion offering the member an opportunity to attain such status for the time period prescribed.

A member’s participation in the IHG One Rewards programme and this Promotion are subject to the IHG One Rewards Membership Terms and Conditions, which can be found here or by visiting ihgonerewards.com. IHG may retract Gold Elite or Platinum Elite status granted under this Promotion, and withdraw any points associated with such upgraded status from the member’s account, if such status was awarded in error. IHG also expressly reserves the right to remove a member’s points, downgrade their status, or suspend or cancel their account if fraudulent use of the Promotion is detected, and any fraudulent or other prohibited activity relating to a member’s account or a member’s participation in the IHG One Rewards programme or this Promotion is subject to the IHG One Rewards Membership Terms and Conditions, including any of the identified actions that may be taken in response to such activity. To the extent permitted by applicable law, IHG reserves the right of interpretation of the Promotion, as well as the right to cancel, terminate, suspend and/or modify the Promotion. This promotional offer is valid only for the original members who received the offer to participate in the Promotion and cannot be transferred or conveyed. Members must make any enquiries regarding this Promotion by 2 March 2023.

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