UPDATE: IHG Rewards Program Refresh Delayed By “Few Months” (APRIL)


IHG announced on January 19 (read more here) that its loyalty program would go through a refresh and that the new tiers would go live in March, and their social media team started to communicate that it was delayed by a few months last week (read more here).

We have now received a comment from an IHG spokesperson who confirms that the program refresh goes live in April, and we should learn more this coming week.

You can access IHG’s page for program refresh here.

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We are looking at late April, as information has gone to the properties that they start training for the new program sometime next month. I would assume that this begins a couple of weeks before the rollout.

Program Refresh Information Released January:

IHG has so far only communicated the change of Spire Elite to Diamond and the launch of one additional tier:

The new Silver has the same requirements as the old Gold, but without being able to reach it on spending. The new Gold requires 20 nights or 40K points. Platinum tier’s night requirement stays at 40 but earning it on points increases by 50% (40K to 60K). The Diamond, previously Spire Elite, requires five fewer nights 70 compared to 75, but a considerably higher spend of 120K versus 75K


So we should learn more about the IHG Rewards program refresh this coming week. It is interesting to see if they match any of the benefits offered by Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott programs.

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