US Closes Its Airspace For Russian Flights


The United States, according to the WSJ, is going to announce today that it will follow what the EU and Canada already did last week and close its airspace for Russian airlines.

Russia on Monday retaliated tit-for-tat and banned airlines from 36 counties from using its airspace, especially affecting flights between Europe and North Asia that tend to fly over Siberia.

EU Airspace Closure For Russian Airlines:

EU Closes Its Airspace For Russian Airlines

How It Affects Airlines?

Watch Out For Europe – Asia Flight Delays & Cancellations

Russian Tit-for-tat:

Russia Bans 36 Countries Using Its Airspace


Surprisingly, it took the US couple of more days to close its airspace for Russian airlines than its European partners. This makes those Caribbean leisure flights very challenging for Russian-based airlines.

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