Vietnam Considers Dropping Arrival Covid Test


Vietnam rapidly reopened for international visitors this past spring after being mostly closed for two years.

When I wrote about my arrival experience last week (read more here), I noted that it would be back to usual if there were no need for a predeparture Covid test.

Now, there is news coming out from Vietnam (I am typing this at the international departure lounge at the SGN) that the health ministry has proposed that the covid test for arriving passengers would be dropped.

Here’s an excerpt from the VN Express:

The health ministry proposed Thursday that Vietnam suspends Covid-19 testing requirements for those arriving in the country by air.

“The proposal to suspend the Covid-19 testing requirement before entry for flight arrivals will fall in line with the rest of the world and ensure consistency between technical units on disease prevention measures for arrivals,” he said.

My Entry Experience:

My Vietnam May 2022 Entry Experience


Southeast Asian countries have reopened this spring with minimal red tape. The only “hangover” has been the predeparture covid test for some countries, but they appear to be on their way out as well.

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