American Airlines Status Buy Up Offers February 2022


Today, American Airlines launched what United already did two weeks ago (read more here), buy-up offers to accelerate your status with the AAdvantage program through March 31, 2023.

These offers are targeted based on your status, and you can either pay in cash or use AAdvantage miles (values them at 1 mile = 1 cent).

You can access American Airlines here.

Here’s what showed up for a reader:

Platinum Pro

A reader could upgrade to a Platinum Pro for $1,695 or 169,500 miles.

Executive Platinum

A far better offer is Executive Platinum for $350 more.

The Executive Platinum comes with four systemwide upgrades that you can use to upgrade your travel class, convenient for long-haul flights.

American Is Moving To Loyalty Points:

American Airlines Introduces Loyalty Points


The Executive Platinum offer that the reader receives is borderline good value IF you can use the systemwide upgrades in otherwise expensive routes in business.

The move to Loyalty Points is an utter mess because nobody can tell what qualifies and what does not. Perhaps we will know more come March?

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