Be Aware Fraudulent Emails Pretending To Come From Thailand Pass


Thailand’s system for processing Thailand Pass or previous Sandbox applications has been accessed (hacked) by unauthorized third party or parties, as we have previously reported twice (read more here and here).

This Sunday morning, I received an email from Thailand Pass asking for my personal information.

You can access the real Thailand Pass here (

Email From Fake Thailand Pass:

The email doesn’t address me in my name but instead uses the email address used for both Sandbox and Thailand Pass applications.

You should not click on any of these links or reply.

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I am not sure what are their next steps if I supply this information? Are they going to ask for cash to “correct” the application or what? The email doesn’t contain clickable links, so they appear to start the fraud by email.

Unfortunately, Thailand has not been able to keep some of the applicant information private; at least the email addresses have been leaked. Even the provider with whom I took the PCR-RT test in Bangkok ended up being hacked and warned of fraudulent emails pretending to be coming from them.

I am scheduled to enter Thailand again in about five weeks and need to start the new Thailand Pass process later this month.

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