Check Your Email For Bonus GHA Discovery Dollars!


Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) Discovery went through a refresh last year and launched a loyalty program currency Discovery Dollars (D$).

They launched a million D$ giveaway to get new member sign-ups and get members more engaged with the program and have now sent out emails to those that were winners (myself included).

You can access GHA Discovery here.

The prizes were:

  • One winner = D$10,000
  • Ten winners = D$5,000
  • One hundred winners = D$500
  • Twenty thousand winners = D$50

GHA Refresh

Email From GHA:

I was one of those 20,000 members who won $50 in D$.

Account Statement:

I have D$50 about to expire in a week and will combine it with the one I won for a D$100 discount.


GHA refresh is quite exciting, and I have no personal experience with how participating properties handle elite member upgrades and other benefits. We’ll find it in due course.

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