Check Your United MileagePlus Account For Bonus Premier Qualifying Points


United Airlines moved from elite qualifying miles, segments and/or dollars to Premier Qualifying Points in 2020 (read more here). Only the cash counts when it comes to status.

The airline has deposited to select member accounts; yours truly included a small number of Premier Qualifying Points (PQPs) to start the 2023 requalification race with lowered requirements.

You can access United here.

What was posted to my account:

It seems that United deposited 1,050 PQPs based on my lifetime status with the airline.

Qualification Requirements in 2022:


I qualified for a lifetime status with MileagePlus once the integration with Continental was completed and haven’t used the program much after moving out from the US.

There are better Star Alliance programs around for those that fly with several alliance airlines, although I am glad that I have Gold lifetime status from United to fall back on (just in case).

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