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This week’s Compensation Clinic case comes from a reader’s case at a Le Louise hotel in Brussels that is former Sofitel and now under Accor’s MGallery collection brand.

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You can access Le Louise’s Accor page here.

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Reader’s Case:

I just checked out and left quite disappointed at the end with my stay, so I wanted to reach out to you before leaving any bad experience on TripAdvisor or any other satisfaction survey.

When I got to my bedroom, I found out that the room smelled a lot like weed and there was a dirty sock in the smoke detector from a previous client (I am attaching the pictures). I understand that this might have been overlooked but because of COVID and hygiene regulations this is a complete ‘no’. I think this is one of the most disgusting things I have ever found in a hotel room upon my arrival

Also, I was disappointed that I did not receive any type of upgrade even being a Diamond member, this has never happened to me in other top Accor brands like MGallery or Sofitel.

Also, being a Diamond member I should have received free mini-bar and it was not stocked at all, and here, Covid reasons is not a good excuse.

I was informed when checking in that I would receive complimentary breakfast for my whole stay for being a Diamond member. Today I had breakfast, and they didn’t inform me about it not being included today. Also, the service was very bad, almost no attention. We asked for Eggs benedict and not possible because there was no sauce. Also brought waffles and didn’t even ask if we wanted chocolate with it or anything else. I was very very disappointed with today, and much more because I paid 58,00€ for it for two people.

On the other opposite, Sunday’s breakfast was marvelous and the highlight of my stay was Karima. She’s a star that brights with her own light and she has been the best interaction I have had at the hotel. Please, keep her as long as possible because she’s amazing.

Also, the amenities were very very nice and appreciated, although the lack of any type of upgrade was very disappointing, as I would expect something more from a band like MGallery for a Diamond member.

Having said that, I’d apprecaite if you could comp the breakfast of today as we were quite disappointed with it and  it’s the least I think you could do for my negative experience.

I will be coming back in May to Brussels and I really want to choose your hotel again because I liked the vibe, but these negative things would push me away.

Reply From The Hotel:

I am taking the liberty to contact you directly in regards to the email you have sent us this morning.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to share your comments related to your stay at Le Louise Hotel Brussels.

Please my most sincere apologies related to the unacceptable experiences you had to face while staying with us. I am taking adequate measures to make sure that kind of inappropriate situation does not happen again.

The Reception team has already processed the refund of 58 € related to your breakfast. I have also transferred a total of 14’000 courtesy points to your loyalty card. These points have a value of 280 € which may use in any ACCOR Hotels properties.

Furthermore, I would be please to give you a complimentary upgrade to one of our Botanic Suite on your next stay with us in May.


We rarely have successful compensation cases with Accor, like with most of the other hotel programs we cover, because I don’t believe that their hotels care as much about customer satisfaction as their competitors.

However, I am glad that this former Sofitel that is now MGallery takes it seriously. The 14,000 Accor ALL points are worth 280 euros towards booking one of the affiliated hotels.

It is a bad omission from the housekeeping to overlook a sock covering the fire alarm. Also, they should have blocked the room, as it was reeking of weed.

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