Compensation Clinic: Sheraton Buganvilias Resort (Puerto Vallarta)


This week’s Compensation Clinic-case comes from a stay at the Sheraton Buganvilias Resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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You can access Sheraton Puerto Vallarta here.

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What happened?

Not sure how in-room dining thought it would be a good idea to deliver partially eaten pizza? Was the hotel employee hungry and decided to take one of the slices, or was this reconstructed from leftover slices (this is partially an all-inclusive hotel)?

The pizza was returned and refunded.

Here’s the response that I later received from the Club services manager:

As I mentioned on my previous email, we already check all the process since you called until you received the pizza. That includes the process at the kitchen, and the process with the waiter, that is why I am letting you know that we did not find anything irregular.

Under any way that pizza was made from leftover slices.

I didn’t actually call but instead sent an email.

The hotel deposited 5,000 points for the inconvenience:

This is simply an awfully run hotel.

Last year they banned guests with diabetes or high blood pressure:

Marriott Hotel Bans Guests With Diabetes Or High Blood Pressure?

They have also refused to hold a same-sex wedding (Hilton came to the rescue), but you can attend a Sunday Mass at the hotel premises:

They did, however, help me to get reunified with a wallet that I left behind:

Wallet Left Behind: Case Sheraton Buganvilias Puerto Vallarta


This is one bad Sheraton that shouldn’t be associated with the brand. It is more of a Holiday Inn or Four Points quality.

They sell all-inclusive packages on various platforms, and it is also partially a time-share property, and it shows on the guest mix.

I like their fitness center, and it is also within walking distance to Malecon and Romantic Zone. You should, however, tune out of all the craziness taking place at the hotel and try to avoid interaction with the staff.

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