Conrad Las Vegas No Longer Featured As American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts Property After Credit “Mistake”


There is a major change in the American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts options this week as the popular Conrad Las Vegas at Resorts World has been delisted from the portfolio in the last 24 hours.

The property has become famous for its excellent value in F&B credits and low rates when booking through the Amex FHR portal (and often utilizing the annual Platinum credit as well).

Apparently, someone at the Conrad finally figured out that something isn’t right with these rates that were often in their $70s (+ tax/resort fee) and that providing $125 credits for a one night stay plus additional elite member credit and breakfast credit isn’t paying off for the hotel. What a surprise!

Diamond members were often able to have more than $200 in credits when staying at this hotel, even on the super low rates that usually popped up midweek.

On top of that, all FHR reservations (including the Conrad) are fully eligible for elite and loyalty credits in the major programs.

For example my last stay at the Conrad Las Vegas I earned the following points with Hilton Honors:

This was definitely one of the best value stays I had in the past years, especially at such a low price:

Now it’s gone. Amex has taken Conrad LV out of the FHR program, though Crockfords (LXR) is still left for those who like to stay at Resorts World.

It isn’t even part of The Hotel Collection anymore which is a benefit for 2-night stays, basically, the Conrad Las Vegas has now become a random roller. Pretty poor!

I’d imagine that bookings made under the previous conditions would be honored as originally booked but I’d check any active bookings at the Conrad you might have and if there has been a change get in touch with Amex Travel and try to find a solution such as a refund, goodwill voucher for the $125 credit or a rebooking to another FHR property without charge.

Conrad Las Vegas will still have the option of being booked with a certified travel advisor that is able to book through the Impresario program and which features similar benefits as Fine Hotels & Resorts.


The Conrad Las Vegas is – at least for now – gone from the American Express FHR program which will disappoint many who have become accustomed to staying at the hotel and basically getting paid for doing so.

This has been an epic failure by revenue management on part of the Conrad. First I thought they didn’t care because a new hotel and they tried to drum up business but apparently, there was a mistake with the lowest partner rates being able to be paired with FHR which should never be the case (usually it’s based on the flexible rate and always more expensive than the BAR).

Amex Travel might have been in the wrong for selling it depending on who codes this but any business should have an eye on what is being sold through a partner and it was all over the internet that you can basically make money when staying at Conrad under FHR. This didn’t just slip through the cracks.

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