Delta Ends Arrival Lounge Access Effective June 1, 2022


Delta Air Lines on Wednesday announced a policy change that affects arriving passengers that have used to access Sky Clubs at their destination airports. This is discontinued effective June 1, 2022.

The change won’t affect connecting passengers that can use the lounge for the duration of their transit, and there is a three-hour rule in place for departing passengers.

You can access Delta’s page for Sky Club access here.

An email that has gone out from Delta:

Download (PDF, 105KB)


Delta has usually given ample notice of its lounge access rules changes (12+ months) so that those with affiliated credit cards can make an informed choice whether continue to carry them or cut them in half.

Not sure why to rush this policy change with only three weeks’ notice?

I have seen horror stories with half an hour or longer lines to access various clubs in the United States, and this situation obviously is not sustainable, but does ending the arrival access change anything meaningfully?

I only access a lounge on arrival when I have some time to kill or need to freshen up after an overnight flight.

Delta’s FAQs of these policy changes:

Why are Clubs so crowded these days?

Delta Sky Club has invested heavily in the lounge experience, and more people value this amenity than ever before. With so many returning to travel this year, we are seeing high volumes of Delta Sky Club visitors.

Why is Delta implementing these policy changes?

The Delta Sky Club team has worked hard to create a best-in-class experience in our lounges, and we want to ensure that experience can be widely enjoyed by Delta customers. That said, our priority is to balance the popularity of the Delta Sky Club experience with the premium atmosphere and service we wish to provide for our guests.

Are these changes permanent?

This is a permanent change to the Delta Sky Club policy.

Are there any exceptions to this policy?

Delta 360 Members and American Express Centurion cardholders will be exempt from this policy change. Delta One customers will be partially exempt from this policy change in that they will still be able to access Clubs upon arrival to their final destination.

Will this affect my Club access on layovers?

This policy change will not affect Club access for customers visiting the lounges before connecting flights. It will only limit access at the customer’s originating airport and final destination. All departing and connecting customers will have access to Clubs. With the exception of arriving Delta One customers, Club access will be unavailable for arriving customers without a connection. Note: A same-day round-trip flight does not qualify as a layover connection. Customers will still be able to access Clubs within three hours of their scheduled departure flight and within three hours of their return flight.

What if my flight is delayed?

Flight delays or interruptions will have no impact on Club access, as long as customers enter the Club within three hours of their originally scheduled departure time.

What if my ticketed flight is outside the three-hour window, but I’m standing by for a flight earlier in the day?

Club access is allowed in this case, provided customers intend to board the earlier flight if a seat becomes available.

Does Delta have plans for Clubs exclusive to Delta One customers?

Delta is committed to providing a singular experience to our most loyal customers. Right now, we are in the planning stages for exclusive Delta One Clubs at LAX and JFK as we look for additional ways to expand our premium offerings. We are excited about this opportunity to further enhance the Delta Sky Club experience for Delta One customers, and more details will be coming soon.

I purchased a Club membership because I value unrestricted access to Delta Sky Clubs. I want a refund.

The Delta Sky Club team values your membership and regrets the impact of these changes.  To discuss a prorated refund of your paid unexpired membership term, please contact the Delta Sky Club Service Center.

I selected my American Express credit card because I value unrestricted access to Delta Sky Clubs.

Delta SkyMiles Reserve and Reserve Business Card Members can still enjoy access to the Delta Sky Club up to three hours before departure of their Delta flight. Delta SkyMiles Platinum and Platinum Business Card Members also get exclusive rate access to the Delta Sky Club at $39 per entry. If you have questions about this policy change, please contact the Delta Sky Club Service Center. If you would like to discuss Card benefits or make updates to your membership, please contact American Express by calling the number on the back of your Card.

Will these changes apply to the Delta SkyMiles Reserve and Reserve Business American Express Card One-Time Guest Passes?

Yes, these changes apply to the two one-time Guest Passes Delta SkyMiles Reserve and Reserve Business American Express Cards Members receive each year upon renewal of their Card.

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