Emirates Buy Skywards Miles At 35% Off Through May 27, 2022


Emirates has launched a new Skywards miles sale with up to a 35% discount for purchases made through May 27, 2022.

Skywards members can buy miles at up to a 35% discount based on the email I received. However, there can be various targeted offers.

You can access this offer on the Emirates website here.

Note that base and Silver members can buy 100,000 and Gold/Platinum 200,000 Skywards miles in a calendar year. Only members that have had any previous activity on their Skywards accounts can purchase miles.

Here’s the price at a 35% discount:

The cost of a mile under this offer is 2.22 US cents each.

You can check the number of miles required for any city pair using this calculator (access here).


During previous sales, Emirates has sold Skywards miles up to a 100% bonus that will inevitably return. I would not buy miles at this price unless I had a good use for right now. It also seems that Points and Emirates may have raised the price of the miles.

It seems that this 35% off sale has become monthly based on the offers Emirates have had in 2022.

Here are the terms and conditions of this sale:

The Promotion provides an Eligible Member with the opportunity to avail discounts of up to 35% on the published rate to Buy Miles or Gift Miles (the “Discount”) when purchasing Skywards Miles during the Promotion Period from 00.01 GST on 17 May 2022 to 23.59 GST on 27 May 2022. The Discount an Eligible Member can avail will be based upon the number of Skywards Miles purchased (“Offer”). This Offer is available only for transactions made to Buy Miles / Gift Miles on emirates.com via the Points Platform and cannot be applied in combination with another offer that may be available on the Buy Miles / Gift Miles product. Skywards Miles bought/gifted through this Offer will count towards the combined maximum limit that a member can purchase for self or receive as a gift in a calendar year.

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