Fabulous Fridays: Cheap, Efficient & Fast PCR-RT Test In Santiago De Chile!


I must have had somewhere between 35 to 40 PCR-RTs and professionally administered antigen tests in the past 18 or so months, and I have tested positive twice (actually four times but same occurrence).

I couldn’t believe how inexpensive ($30), efficient (I was out in four minutes), and fast (PCR-RT result in three hours) the tests are here in Chile.


You make the appointment, fill out your information, and pay on the Genosurs website. They have multiple locations in Santiago and surrounding areas.

You can choose between a regular PCR-RT test ($30) that promises results in four hours or an express one ($50) that allows you to get the result in 40 minutes.


There were clear lines, a person checked my passport information, gave me a sticker, and then took the sample from my nose.

It took less than four minutes from the moment I entered the line to walk out.


They promised to get you the results in four hours, but mine arrived in three.


This is the cheapest and the most convenient PCR-RT test I have taken to date, outside of a couple of tests in Mexico when I have paid someone to come to take the sample.

How come it can only cost $30, and you get the result in three hours in Santiago, when you often pay multiples of $30 and wait for a day elsewhere?

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