Fairmont Mother’s Day Gift Card Sale 2 PM – 5 PM EDT May 4, 2022


Fairmont is bringing back its twice-yearly gift card sale for three hours today.

Members can buy Fairmont electronic gift cards at a 20% bonus between 2 PM – 5 PM EDT on May 4, 2022.

You can buy Fairmont gift cards here.

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You can buy Fairmont gift cards in USD, CAD, or EUR. The maximum value of each gift card is 2,000, and members can buy up to 5,000 using any credit card.

Fairmont gift cards don’t expire, and you can use them for all hotel expenses even when not staying, including wining and dining and SPA.


Buying gift cards at a 20% bonus allow members to save 17% of their stays that are not prepaid, although you may change the payment method when at the property. You should buy them in the currency you intend to use them.

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