Finnair Asks Passenger To Bring Snacks For Long-Haul Flights


The situation around the closure of the Russian airspace and overlight rights for most European airlines have led to great difficulties at Finnair that has relied upon connecting passengers, especially between North Asia and Europa.

The airline continues flights to Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore, Delhi, and Tokyo with a few more hours of added flying thrown in and evaluates the viability of its other Asian routes.

You can access Finnair here.

However, what baffles me is how Finnair cannot adequately cater to these flights that can be an hour or four longer than usual? How difficult would it have a midflight service or some snacks/sandwiches/noodles available upon request?

The airline asks passengers to buy and bring snacks for these flights not to go hungry.

We have our normal meal service on these flights, and due to the longer travel time, we recommend you also take some snacks with you.

Perhaps Finnair could have a small K-Kauppa next to the long-haul departure gates selling Finnair reheatable food:

Taste Of Finnair Prepared Meals Coming Soon To A Store Near You (In Finland)


I sometimes shake my head about what these companies are thinking, not just Finnair. It seems that they are often lacking in the common sense department.

If the flight time is four hours longer, cater more. Suggesting on a website announcement that very few read that passengers should bring snacks for these flights is not ok.

I am scheduled to fly on Finnair to/from Asia in April/May and have used some of the miles and upgrade certificates I purchased last year (read more here). However, it is not looking good that the flights actually operate and who knows if I even make the connections in Helsinki due to longer than usual flight times.

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