Finnair Plus Premium Economy Earnings


Finnair today unveiled its newest cabin, Premium Economy, which is the most profitable product for many airlines, considering the price premium and space it takes.

Finnair Plus has now added the Premium Economy fare classes to its earnings table, and nothing surprised there. However, it is still unclear how many miles you need Premium Economy awards and what happens to upgrade certificates.

You can access Finnair Plus page for earnings here.

Finnair Plus Premium Economy Earnings:

With Ticket Type

Without a Ticket Type

*Including destinations in Finland as well as Copenhagen, Gdansk, Gothenburg, Krakow, Moscow, Oslo, Reykjavik, Riga, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Tallinn, Tartu, Vilnius and Warsaw.
**On selected routes. Flights will start in spring 2022.


It is still unclear what Finnair’s Premium Economy earns with partner airlines, but I would assume that it is aligned closely with how it is treated here. You earn 100%, 150%, or 150% of Finnair’s set number of points earned for the region depending on the ticket type or fare.

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