Guide To Checking Your Uber Rider Rating Breakdown


Uber allows both riders and drivers to rate each other after every trip, and it took a while before we were able to see our rating.

These ratings are of high importance for drivers. If they fall below 4.6, Uber will likely deactivate them from the program, and drivers with a rating of 4.8 or higher can qualify for VIP trips.

Now, Uber allows us also see our detailed rating, although they have tried hard to hide on the app. You can see the number of ratings left from 5 to 1.

Here’s how you can find your detailed Uber rider rating:

Step 1 – Click AVATAR

Step 2 – Click SETTINGS:

Step 3 – Click PRIVACY:

Step 4 – Click PRIVACY CENTER:

Step 5 – Click SEE SUMMARY under “Would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber?”:

Step 6 – Scroll down on EXPLORE YOUR DATA:


Step 8 – Click RIDER RATINGS:

Here you can finally see a breakdown of all the recent ratings left for you. The distribution on this account is fascinating. It certainly has had more than 500 rides, but I believe that they must drop after a certain number of days (6 months?).


Uber incorrectly claims that I wouldn’t have had 10 or more ratings for drivers and refuses to display the breakdown.

Uber Scams Encountered:


Why hide this rating behind EIGHT steps? They certainly could make it easier for us, the riders, to see the breakdown. Also, why are we not allowed to see the similar breakdown that we have left for drivers?

The distribution of the ratings is undoubtedly intriguing. I have noted previously that you often end up with lower rider ratings after some time in South Africa or South America, where drivers tend to rate riders at a lower level than at other markets.

I request the ride using the app, and I don’t engage messaging on the app beyond clarifying the pickup point (some drivers want to know your destination to cherry-pick rides) and usually sit quietly on the backseat.

I have used Uber a lot over the years, and I don’t particularly appreciate that they have exited many markets in Asia (left for the crappy Grab).

Could the service be better? Certainly, but almost always preferable to taxis that often have excessive pricing and their own scams.

How is your Uber rider rating breakdown? You can post it in the comments below.

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