Hilton Daily Food & Beverage Credit: When It Begins & Ends?


Hilton in 2021 rolled out a daily Food & Beverage credit (read more here) in place of complimentary breakfast for two at its US properties that was extended to 2022 with some increase in amounts (read more here).

There have been an awful lot of confusion and policies by hotels when these daily F&B credits start and end. Some hotels have even prevented guests from using them towards breakfast, claiming that they must be used before midnight.

You can access Hilton’s page for program terms here.

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My goal was to put the question when the daily F&B credit and when it ends by sending the question below to the Hilton spokesperson for response:

There is confusion at what time the daily F&B credit begins and ends, and I would like to get it clarified to our readers.

Let’s say that a guest stays three nights midweek: Monday to Thursday.

Day 1: Monday

The guest can use the F&B credit on the day they check-in, but until what time on Tuesday?

Day 2: Tuesday

What time can the Tuesday F&B credit be used from and until when on Wednesday?

Day 3: Wednesday

What time can the Wednesday F&B credit be used from and until when on the day of check out (Thursday)?

Based on our reader replies, there have been hotels that require the use of the F&B credit by midnight that renders it useless for breakfast on one-night stays, and I would like to have this clarified.

Also, let’s say that a guest eligible for the F&B credit has lunch at noon on Tuesday. Can they use both the Monday and Tuesday credit towards it?

And here what we got back:

The daily amount expires at the time of check-out. For stays of two nights or more, the daily credit re-sets at midnight for each full day to the maximum daily credit value; if a member does not use the full credit amount on any day of their stay, they can use any leftover credit on the day of check-out, up to the daily maximum.

As a reminder, since members receive one daily credit per night of their stay and may only use up to the total daily maximum each day, the only day they can use any leftover credit is the morning of check-out.

In the examples you provided, the member would receive three daily credits – they can use up to the daily amount between Monday and Thursday. For lunch on Tuesday, the member could use up to the daily amount, however per the benefit terms, they cannot combine Monday and Tuesday’s credit.

As it relates to a one-night stay, per our FAQs, a Hilton Honors member would receive one complimentary Daily F&B Credit that they may use on the day of arrival or day of departure. The credit may be used in full/entirety on day of check-in or check-out, or on various eligible items each day until the maximum daily amount or total stay maximum is reached.

How would you interpret this response?

Hilton F&B Credit Per Brand & Market In 2022:


When the daily F&B credit begins and ends on a multi-night stay is confusing. Does the reply also imply that you could use any leftover credit from your stay on the day of checkout?

I wish that you just had a set amount per day that you could use at any time during your stay, or even better, give Gold and Diamond members who stay at US properties a choice whether to get a credit or breakfast.

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