Hong Kong Cancels Flight Ban & Lowers Quarantine Time


Hong Kong has tried to follow Mainland China’s zero covid strategy and has kept strict restrictions with long quarantines for those wishing to enter.

They have also banned flights from several countries for an extended period, and many airlines flying to Hong Kong have had their flights banned for weeks after some of the passengers have tested positive on subsequent tests.

Hong Kong has had its biggest covid wave over the past month, and roughly a million confirmed covid cases to date.

Now, the government led by Carrie Lam has decided to end the flight ban from nine countries of Australia, Britain, Canada, France, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, and the United States on April 1st, and lower the mandatory quarantine for residents arriving from overseas from two weeks to a week.

Current Covid Situation In Hong Kong:


The problem in Hong Kong is that a large number of the older population has not been vaccinated, and many will die as a result.

The zero covid strategy should be out of the door, but that still appears to be the goal so that they could reopen the border for Mainlanders.

Hong Kong has seen an exodus of expats, and companies have moved their operations to jurisdictions with more reasonable covid policies.

It is borderline hilarious that they now decided to lift the flight ban when they themselves have a very high number of active cases.

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